SiGNaLToNoiSe.Net resides in Orange County, California and is owned and operated by myself, Clint Anderson. I am a 23-year-old network administrator who primarily admins Unix/Linux machines and a bit of Cisco products.

Sadly, I must also overlook ‘Windows NT/2k Servers’ (seems like an oxymoron doesn’t it?) due to the fact that my current employer and many others out there are duped into believing that NT/W2K boxes are sufficient webservers.

When I say ‘overlook’ I mean watching an NT Server crash and having to reboot it, knowing there is nothing you could of done to stop it from happening.

This site is a part-time hobby. I usually revamp it once a year and after that there are seldom updates. SiGNaLToNoiSe.Net has no real focus other then the minimalist network security links/articles/HOWTOs and a few HOWTOs/rants by yours truly. The content seems appropriate for the SiGNaLToNoiSe.Net domain because of its obscurity and impossible chance of commercialization. I can say however that for a site that does not promote itself or post regular updates it does get a fair amount of hits.

If you are reading this hopefully you will enjoy the small amount of content contained on this site. The good people out there that link to SiGNaLToNoiSe.Net are much appreciated.

I am also available for Unix, Linux, NT, Cisco, Networking/Network Security consulting.

Email: minus classic rock band