Cheesy Shell Scripts

This is where I post all the cheesy shell scripts that I’ve written for work. Maybe someone out there will find them useful. – Clint

MP32CD – MP32CD is a simple perl script that writes MP3’s to WAV files and burns them to CD using cdrecord. Since this script writes out WAV data to your local drive it is great for burning MP3’s that are located on NFS or Windows shares. If you’re still using winblows to burn CD’s you are L7.

makezone – Makezone prompts for a domain name and automatically creates a DNS zone file, edits named.conf, and restarts the named service. I needed a quick and easy way to create BIND DNS zone files for the virtual hosts at my work.

More importantly, I needed a script that even an NT admin could use so I could pass the work off to someone else. It’s a bourne script and was written on BSD, but I’m pretty sure it will work fine on Linux.

vhost – Vhost is a companion script to makezone. It is a simple script to easily add virtual hosts to an Apache webserver. Vhost prompts for a domain name and root directory, appends a virtual host entry to httpd.conf, and restarts Apache. Works on BSD and Linux.

massmail – Massmail is an ultra-cheesy massmailer script. I pretty much wrote it as a proof-of-concept for the benefit of myself. There’s a hot-shot developer at my work who keeps breaking our servers with his shitty vbscript that does the exact same thing.

The only difference is that his script is about five pages long and needs IIS to function. Yuck! If you want to send mime attachments upgrade your mail program to something that is mime-capable. There’s a pretty good python mime-mailer out there. I don’t have the link though.